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2nd Annual Livable, Walkable Community Awards

Nominations for the 2nd Annual Livable, Walkable Community Awards are now closed. Please join me for the Awards Celebration party on Thursday, December 4th at the Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street, NE. Click Here to check out last year's winners. 

I'm proud to announce the 2nd Annual Livable, Walkable Community Awards. To create a truly livable, walkable community, it takes leadership and vision -- not just from those elected to office, but also from our neighbors, city employees, civic organizations, and local businesses. To honor their initiative and hard work, I created this annual award to recognize outstanding efforts for community members in each of these categories. Over 75 individuals and organizations were nominated for the award in the four categories last year.

I hope you will help me celebrate our progress. What does livable, walkable mean to you and who best represents what it takes to make it a reality? I will announce the awards at my holiday party on Thursday, December 4th.

Nomination for 2nd Annual Livable, Walkable Awards (check one):
Livable, Walkable Neighbor Award (individual)
Livable, Walkable Civic Organization Award (organization or group)
Livable, Walkable Business Award (organization or group)
Livable, Walkable Public Service Award (government employee)
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