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Written by Charles Allen   
Thursday, 09 August 2007

Town Hall MeetingLast night, nearly 130 people turned out for the Ward 6 Town Hall meeting with new DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee. Staff from her office and the Deputy Mayor for Education, Victor Reinoso, ran the meeting in similar fashion to other town halls by the Fenty Administration. Residents met and worked together in small groups around over a dozen tables. The meeting began with Councilmember Wells and School Board member Lisa Raymond outlining some of their top concerns for reform at DCPS and then Chancellor Rhee shared some of her initial thoughts. 

The groups tackled issues such as outlining their top priorities for the Chancellor to work on, their top concerns for improving the school system, and their top ideas to improve student success. As I walked from table to table during the meeting, the residents I met were concerned teachers, parents and community activists.  Everyone had plenty of great ideas and constructive criticism.

The meeting ended with an open Question & Answer session with the Chancellor. Questions ranged from how the school system can provide better special education, how the school system recruits and retains qualified teachers (and conversly, gets rid of unqualified teachers), how to expand pre-K programs, how to improve facilities and create a safe learning environment for students, and much more.

Were you there? What did you take away from the meeting? Were you unable to make it? What would you have asked if you had been there? We'll be happy to take any additional questions you have and get answers from the Chancellor and post them back on the blog in a future post.

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2007-08-09 09:14:11
Please also remind readers that the flyers distributed last night had the following text:

"For more information, contact the Office of the Deputy Mayor of Education at (202) 727-0696. Email your education ideas to myschoolideas @dc.gov ."

It is unclear who is contacted by the email address above, the Deputy Mayor's office or the Chancellor's office.

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2007-08-09 16:59:34
I was unable to attend the meeting with the chancellor last night, but I am very concerned about systemic plans to address the high student dropout rate and the chronic truancy problem. The plan developed by and with the former DC Board of Education had some good features. The problem is in the holistic implementation of the plan, along with other methods that would strengthen the process.
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2008-02-01 13:15:09
I was unable to attend because parents were not informed in a timely manner.I had to send my mother. However, these are my thoughts. My children attend JF Cook. How could you close a great school that has nurtured great minds? How can you close a school where the children are safe, and send them to a school where prostitution is going on and around the property? You can find everything from used condoms, to drug paraphernalia on any given day. How can you close a school where the children are safe and send them to a school where directly across the street murder is a commonality? Low enrollment is not an acceptable excuse. Infact it is my belief that small class room sizes are more productive. More correspondence to follow at a later date.
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