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Wilson Building Opens More Bike Racks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Maier   
Friday, 24 August 2007

Bike Rack IndoorsWe are very pleased to announce that the John A. Wilson Building (which houses both the offices of the Mayor and Council -- essentially your City Hall) is now open to bicycles. Additional bicycle racks have been installed both outdoors and on the ground floor of the Wilson Building under the northeast marble stairway behind the recycle bin (see the image to the right). The bicycle racks have been installed as the result of a request originated by Councilmember Wells and signed by all members of the Council -- and implemented by the Secretary of the Council. 

New Bike Rack OutdoorThe problem became apparent to us very soon after Tommy took office and we had visitors who attempted to ride their bike to the building, but could not find a place to park. Even in the dead of winter (and dead of August), too often the limited number of outdoor bike racks were filled to capacity and bikes were tied to trees and poles. When the summer came, forget about it. So Tommy wrote a bill to expand bicycle parking across the city, and included a component to increase bicycle parking here at your city hall for both employees and the general public.The bill to expand bicycle parking city-wide passed on the first reading of Council and will be up for a final vote on Tuesday, September 18th.

In the meantime, feel free to ride your bike to the Wilson building and take advantage of either the additional indoor or outdoor parking options.

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2007-08-27 08:24:25
I work in the Wilson Building and ride a bike. Thanks so much for doing this!
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2007-09-15 21:59:09
It irks me whenever I go to the Wilson Building that the security guards will harass you if you attempt to lock your bike on the sidewalk. Even though DC Law specifically says that cyclists have the right to lock up on sidewalks -- see section 1209 of the DCMR -- the Council and the Mayor feel no need to obey the regulations they impose upon others.
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