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Written by Charles Allen   
Wednesday, 02 July 2008

More and more, DC keeps popping up in the Best Of... rankings across the country. The latest kudos come from Outside magazine that just announced Washington, DC as THE best town in all of America. A shameless Independence Day nod? Likely not. Across the board, DC is making its way up the rankings. The Washington Times noted in their article today that the District has been placed in the Top Ten list for best bicycle commutes and is ranked as the 5th best city (out of 50) to deal with an oil crisis by Common Current, a group that promotes ecologically minded economic strategies.


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2008-07-02 17:08:38
Perhaps we need to look at the scooter laws in DC. Currently we have the most prohibitive laws in the nation regarding owning and operating a scooter under 50cc. Most cities require simply a valid drivers license. In DC a motorcycle license is required. With $4.00 gas and the road congestion maybe it is time to look into making owning and operating a scooter a little easier.
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